Tenants must advise their employer and landlord of the intention to rent a property with Wentworth and that Rent4Sure will be contacting them for a reference. Tenants will be required to give permission for details to be supplied as requested. If the tenant’s current landlord or employer requires written confirmation we are happy to supply this information. Please note that large organizations sometimes take longer to respond so the rental process can take a little longer.


Please note a guarantor is not just a reference, it is someone who is willing and financially able to pay the rent if tenants are not able to. The guarantor must also be referenced to show they have sufficient income to be able to cover the rent. The landlords will also need to give permission.

Security Deposit is Five weeks rental:

The security deposit is held by The Deposit Protection Service and will be returned to you in full providing the property is left in the same condition as when you moved into the property, allowing for normal wear and tare.

The Deposit Protection Service

The Pavilions

Bridgewater Road


BS99 6AA 

Telephone 0844 4727 000

This amount is paid with the first month’s rent and security deposit on the day the tenant signs the tenancy agreement.

On the day the tenant moves into the rental property and commence the tenancy, we will meet at the property and complete the inventory check in. This process can take an hour so please allow extra time. Wentworth will take meter readings and forward these along with the tenants contact details to the utility companies and Aylesbury Vale District Council for council tax. If a tenant is a single occupant, renting alone you may be entitled to a discount for Council Tax. Tenants must contact Aylesbury Vale District Council to make their own arrangements for this discount.


We require all Tenants to bring to our office, current passport and if required a visa or right to work in the United Kingdom along with a current driving license. Please note is it a legal requirement that Wentworth view original documents of all tenants, including British Citizens and cannot accept copies of documents under any circumstances.

Wentworth also requires tenants to supply two forms of proof of current address, this will be a copy of a letter or statement from an official such as bank, building society or utility bill.

Wentworth will require the following to proceed with your rental property:

Holding deposit, tenant fee payable immediately non refundable.

To bring identification to the office.

Once referencing is complete, arrange to come to the office to sign the tenancy agreement.

Security deposit, check in fee and first months rent funds payable at signing prior to check in date.

Check in, we meet new tenants at the property to complete the inventory and take mete readings.

The security deposit and rent in advance must be paid in cleared funds into our account before the tenancy can commence. Under no circumstances can keys be handed to tenants unless the funds show in our account. Cheques should be paid seven days in advance to allow time to clear.