In-house Complaints Procedure

How to complain to Wentworth Estate Agent 

In the unfortunate situation that you find you have cause for complaint our complaints procedure is as follows.

Any complaint should be sent in the first instance in writing to Richard or Denise Wentworth Partners, Wentworth Estate Agent, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2SQ.

Telephone: 01296 426999 

All verbal and written complaints are recorded by Denise and Richard Wentworth Partners of Wentworth Estate Agent Aylesbury at the time they are made

Richard and Denise Wentworth agree:

All written complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days and a proper investigation promptly undertaken.

A complainant is invited to meet in our office 27 Duck Farm Court Aylesbury HP20 2SQ to discuss the complaint and to bring a representative with them.

 A formal written outcome of our investigation will be sent to the Complainant within 15 working days of receipt of the original complaint. 

In exceptional cases, where the timescale needs to be extended beyond this limit, the Complainant will be kept fully informed and an explanation provided. 

Following the conclusion of our investigation, a written statement expressing our final view, and including any offer made, will be sent to the Complainant. This letter will also tell the Complainant how the matter can be referred to the Ombudsman, pointing out that any such referral by the Complainant must be made within 12 months of our final view.

Wentworth Estate Agent will comply with the outcome and direction made by The Ombudsman.

A link to the property Ombudsman is available on useful links 

Wentworth Homelet

Verna House,

9 Bicester Rd,


HP19 9AG

Tel: 01296 326612

Fax: 07122 332296 

Wentworth Estate Agent will comply with any award and/or direction made by the Ombudsman against us and accepted by the Complainant and which is binding upon you under the Terms of Reference; and • pay the Complainant the amount of any such award if accepted by the Complainant within the period for payment required by the Ombudsman.